Cecilia cheung three son birth certificate, but the

  On January 28th in the morning, Hong Kong media reported the Cecilia cheung three son’s birth certificate.

  The entertainment circle, however, there is no crack, a mystery instead let it fan and fan.

  According to certify that the above information, “the little prince” is the born of the Hong K

ong sanatorium and hospital, is now three months old.He is like

my mother family name “zhang”, called “the ritual”, English name is called Marcus.

  And the most focus father column, information is blank!”The little prince” the father of identity is still uncertain.

  Be worth what carry is, according to the birth registration ordinance of Hong Kong, if there is no relative proof, father and

son in law there is no relationship.In other words, if the child‘s father died in the future, son also have no right to sep

aration.It doesn’t seem that cheung is determined, lets the child with the father in any relationship.

  It is understood that in order to let children avoid outside disturb, the current

Cecilia cheung has been sent “the little prince” to vancouver, entrusted the child to his sister half-sister Dai Bizhi care.

  However, it was quickly Cecilia cheung’s agent has denied, she said “the little pr

ince” will personally take care of by Cecilia cheung, and children didn’t out of the transit.

  Cecilia cheung said on the birth certificate was very shocked and disappoin

ted and helpless, at the same time through an agent to respond, said it would “pursue and pursue to the end.


King glory SAO white challenge the guinness book of

  remarkable day, because on this day, as the king glory the longest winning streak record maintained SAO is white, is going to challenge his 333th in a row

.Believe that a lot of the king of glory players all know, the game can win consecutive decades already is one of the mi

racle of miracles, but can guarantee a few hundred, such record average person ret

urn true not line, how much more is SAO white this winning streak record of more than 300.

  Though everyone knows that more than 300 the winning streak record has certain moisture, but dare to openly ch

allenged the guinness book of records, are still let a person look forward to.In addition, for the general attention to king g

lory live audience, there are a lot of suspense when SAO white challenge after success, can show his face?To realize the p

opularity of Kings glory anchor, inside the circle but mysterious, basically to now have not seen him.


EG fire 132 minutes out VG, people who refuse to

  So far, four Chinese team has been eliminated half, left EHOME team and LGD

team.Though of “win together, lose together, shoulder” is Sean knife tower has been adhering to the spirit, but su

mmary of failure to meet victory, it must take the blame.

  VG team

  The first blame, for the captain leather shoes.Any lost the game, always fro

m the squad tactics to find reasons.Three games Banpick no big pr

oblem, then to coach ROTK pot is no.Progressive, leather shoes as VG team captain should be mainly responsible for th

e failure of the game.Three days ago VG loss to the VP fall into the loser group, VG team overall rhythm slow is a big tank, lo

se the game today is also one of the reasons.Can be seen from the data in three games, whether won or lost the g

ame, VG in the middle of the period to the line and have an advantage, this time as captain, shoes should actively organize pro

pulsion, bring advantages into the way of winning is winning.This, as captain of leather shoes.


Messi continue searching calling for Sarah: as long a

Tiger flapping on January 26 Barcelona star Lionel messi request for fellow

Sarah’s search and rescue work, and to Sarah to send blessings.

Despite a number of professionals, said Sarah the chances of survival is smaller, b

ut many players also called continues to Sara on search and rescue.Messi also joined the camp.He on social networking s

ites, for “as long as there is a chance, ask you not to give up the rescue Sarah, support of Sarah’s family and friends.”

Cardiff new signing private plane lost event touched the hearts of the football a

ll guernsey, police announced last night in Beijing time is no longer the plane to Sar

a for search and rescue.More than announced after the Argentine star called for, please don’t give up on their co

mpatriots Sarah’s search and rescue, Barcelona star Lionel messi in the personal social media also called for the event.

Sarah’s the plane disappeared in across th

e English channel, Sarah’s compatriot Lionel messi hopes to make every effort to rescue workers continue to search and re

scue, don’t give up, although there have been the expert points out, has little Sarah’s survival probability.


Public just 25 days!Broke up with JENNIE exobio

  Exobiology member of the New Year’s day has just released this month relationship KAI (KAI), and JENNIE was rev

ealed today BLACKPINK members have parted, and respond to SM, said “K

AI, JENNIE did recently broke up.”YG response also confirmed that two people break up.So far, two public 25 days, split.

  KAI with JENNIE was reported on January 1, relationship, the two sides are adm

itted in the near future.And, according to people familiar with the KAI with JENNIE recently decided to end the rel

ationship, the relationship between the return to the past before the next, break up reason is that they both think th

ere’s a lot of things is more important than love, KAI and JENNIE have decided to

concentrate more on their work, which is the combination of the two people to each and fans and make the decision.

  On January 1, 2019, D club New Year the first exposure — the 24-year-old south Korean artist couple exobiology me

mbers KAI KAI and JENNIE BLACKPINK members, now 22, then revealed on November 25, 2018, KAI dr

iving their cars to JENNIE to Seoul sky park, two people in romantic dating in the moonlight.

  According to reports coming from the D club, two people starting in Oct

ober.Results exposure relationship just on New Year’s day, only 25 days that exposure to break up the message in the past.


Bieber hayley wedding guests exposure The kardas

  According to foreign media reports, the hayley Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) and Justin

Bieber (Justin Bieber) of marriage, her cousin John Ireland Bald

win (Ireland) not only declared his support for, and in her view, they is almost a match made in heaven.On Janu

ary 19, Stephen Ireland, told the press, “hayley and Justin are a match made in heaven, because they are the sam

e person.Two people are and cordial, appreciate each other, love each other very much.”

  Hayley and cousin John Ireland Baldwin

  John Ireland also thinks the newly-married couple in the spotlight of life traje

ctory is the same.”They had experienced the same struggle, I think they can support each other.Times cha

nge and we all meet the setbacks, I think they are associated with everything unde

r our experience, anxiety, stress, or whatever it is, for each other is a good thing.”

  It is reported, bieber, 24 and 22, married her court in New York last Septe

mber, will hold a wedding in March in Los Angeles.Al claimed that he didn’t know more details of the wedding.”We are

delighted to attend the wedding, but I don’t know the time and place, it’s our pleasure for them.”

  Her uncle Billy Baldwin (Billy Baldwin) revealed the few names on the guest list.He said: “who are the wedding?Her

and all her girlfriends, of the house of Kim kardashian and Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid), Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) and others.”


response foxconn mass dismissal: one is some also

21, the national bureau of statistics bureau of changning ji zhe in response to “the end of last year the unemployment rate is 4.9%, foxconn years ago have mass firings” problem, there is one.He also pointed out that china-us economic and trade friction on China’s economic operation affect overall control.

Foxconn (guizhou province), the fourth generation of green industrial park

21, the scio has held a conference in 2018, the national economy, the national bureau of statistics bureau of changning, please introduce ji zhe 2018 running status of the national economy, and a reporter asked.A reporter to ask questions at the meeting: the Chinese economy growing in mixed, these concerns from what respect?From the trade frictions with the United States is how many?Foxconn years ago have mass firings, migrant workers to go home early Spring Festival, the 4.9% unemployment rate would be able to accurately depict the unemployment situation of China?

宁吉喆 responded that starting in the second quarter of last year, china-us economic and trade friction beginnings.In the face of economic and trade frictions, the Chinese government in a timely manner to the policy of the “six stability”, namely, stable employment, stable finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment, stabilizing expectations.It should be said that sino-us economic and trade frictions the impact on the economic operation exist, but affect the overall control.

宁吉喆 further pointed out that the import and export trade data also shows that, from the point of China’s economic operati

on data, it is generally believed in the fourth quarter is affected by the international situation are larger.

宁吉喆 said over the past two months, the main economic indicators have rise and fall, stabilizing the general or slow.In Decem

ber, for example, investment, consumption, industry, service industry and other key indicators or flat, or slight

ly higher overall is stable.1 – fixed asset investment grew 5.9% year-on-year in December, and 1-11 is flat.In December, total retail sales of social cons

umer goods grew 8.2%, than accelerated 0.1% in November,;Industrial output rose 5.7%, a 0.3% increase over the N

ovember;Service industry production index rose 7.3%, than in November to speed up 0.1%;Although man

ufacturing PMI has decreased, but the manufacturing business activity index rose, services in business range, construction index rose sharply.

宁吉喆 pointed out that the economic and trade

frictions, is not only impacts the economy of China and the United States, has an effect on the global economy.

“Overall we overcome this effect in moving forward.Economy of China and the Un

ited States while confrontation, two defeats, together they will win more, benefit all countries in the world, dou more t

o lose.”宁吉喆 said that the United States and China working group to keep close communication, a large number of cons

ultations, positive progress, the China and the United States, including the world economy are important messages.

“Personally, I also noticed that, either in the stock market or the twitter of ocean the othe

r shore consultation also have some positive effects.From the long-term trend, the globalization of world econo

my development trend has not changed, the depth of China’s economic integration into the world economy, the goods

trade volume of more than $630 billion, won’t change, the nature of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation dema

nd potential is very huge.”宁吉喆 said, also want to see at the same time, the overall economic growth in China’s domestic demand, consumption growth cont

ribution rate and investment growth in 2018 contribution together more than 100%, the contribution of net exports are negat

ive.And China’s domestic market development space is very broad, economic and trade frictions have or will not c

hange the fundamentals of economic development in our country, the Chinese economy resist the pressure of toughness and cope

with the impact power, the long-term stability of posture, and have no will not change.


pieces of 1 pack Woman driving apply face film 2 poin

  Many women are in the habit of using mask before going to sleep, raise colour, and relieve the mood, Ms. Tian also have this habit

, and her face is quite expensive, but a few days ago, because a mask, Ms. Tian has received the punishment.

  Ms. Tian opened a motor repair shop, in the evening, she just apply the mask, do not want

to call a customer emergency telephone, car has no electricity, need to rescue, without further ado, Ms. Tian drove past.

  Ms. Tian said: “I went out with the mask, because the mask one hundred bucks a piece, I’m not willing to throw it away.”

  Ms. Tian driving from changan road till to BaoJi, and she was monitoring captured such behavior.

  West of the traffic police squadron vice captain ShiHao said: “the mask, will affect the

safe driving, we will be fined 50 yuan, 2 points of punishment to deal with it.”

  Police said, in addition to apply face film, many women drivers and other bad driving h

abits, such as driving on a cell phone, touch the head of the children while dr

iving, driving her child in her arms, these behaviors can let a female driver distraction, easy to cause traffic accidents.

  West of the traffic police squadron vice cap

tain ShiHao said: “that to prevent illegal behavior of safe driving and fines of up to 50 yuan, 2 points.”

  Police remind the driver emergency response is relatively slow, should focus on during the process of driving, don’t be distracted.


Don’t give up!Spain drilling Wells boyK, the daily mail webs

  Two years old boy, Hu Lun slightly.(photo: the UK, the daily mail website)

  Xinhua Beijing on January 20 (xinhua cuckoo) a two year old boy in malaga, southern Spain, 13 provinces tota tow

n fell into a deep well.Due to the well’s mouth is very narrow, local time, rescue by 18, has been 6 days.

  Rescue workers are hard to find signs of life, bu

t he never gave up hope, drill a tunnel nearby location, in order to save the boy.

  On the sixth day

  Two years old boy, Hu Lun Rosetta slightly, 13 to accompany the family to the tota town

visit a farm.Dangerous situation occurs, his parents have lunch at nearby.Hu Lun fell into the well depth of 100 m

eters, only 25 cm wide.At 18, he trapped continued for six days, life and death is uncertain.

  Danger happens, firefighters, police and other emergency workers rushed to the scene.D

ue to the wellhead is too narrow, rescue workers can’t deep underground.A camera can stretch to 80 meters

underground, shooting video appears to show a little boy carrying a bag of sweets.

  Many Spanish people miss the boy trapped.Prime minister pedro sanchez 13 in social media message, please don’t give up hope.

  Hu Lun family said, they can at first in the mouth heard the child crying;As time goes by, already can’t hear.Family specula

ted that, may be big children play with Hu Lun will cover the position in the mouth of the well rock moved, cause Hu Lun auxiliary shaft.

  Hu Lun 16, his father told reporters: “hope angel can help people to save him alive.We feel like a few months.”

  Reports in Spain, Hu Lun parents bear the pain of lost children, and in 2017 they a a

t the age of three year old son died because of illness.

  This, AFP reported Hu Lun fell into the Wells by private illeg

al digging.In scorching sun region in southern Spain, this kind of Wells are common.


Founder securities claims people first People can still

  Recently, the changsha city intermediate people’s court of the other party claims are securities investors, the first-i

nstance judgment, court part to support claims for investors., according to securities rights lawyer ZangXiaoLi several i

nvestors received the civil judgment of trial, the court ruled that the defendant Peking University founder group co., LTD., founder securities co., LTD., co

mpensate for the losses to the plaintiff, the court ruled that the amount of compensation to investors vary from person to person, from several million to be comm

on, or even thousands of yuan, are the concrete depends on the individual investors trade situation.

  ZangXiaoLi lawyer said, is the scope of the first-instance judgment maintai

ning founder securities investors: on August 9, 2011 (founder securities ipo) to July 14,

2015, during the founder securities shares (stock code: 601901), and after July 15, 2015 to sell or damaged investors continue to hold the stock.

  Founder securities in issued on August 31, 2018 on the announcement of companies involved in the litigation, has carried o

n the disclosure to investors the progress of the lawsuit.Announcement: by the end of August 2018, a number of investo

rs, filed a false statement of securities liability disputes litigation the amounts to 23063.07, amounting to 23063 yuan securities company founder has pr

ovision for impairment of 1793.55 ten thousand yuan.Above case series, changsha, then in 2018, two days on Decem

ber 4, 5, tried publicly 259 of them, the rest there are a number of cases is not yet officially started.At present,

has been to win the judgment of the case are in December 2018, 4, 5, this two days trial case.

  Review after May 10, 2017, founder securities received the China securities regulatory c

ommission announced the decision for administrative penalty.The CSRC

ticket after landing, numerous founder securities stock investors litigation to court to lodge a claim.

  The China securities regulatory commission determined that Peking Univers

ity founder group co., LTD. (founder group), founder securities violati

ons, such as the fact is: a, founder group, and reed technology, Tibet, zhao melts, Tibet, let big conceal relationship, not

with founder securities information disclosure obligations;Second, founder group did not inform the founder of the rele

vant securities will sign supplementary agreement, did not match the founder securities information disclo

sure obligations.Securities regulatory commission (CSRC) verify that the phase “supplementary agreemen

t” is a matter of controlling shareholder of founder group founder securities equity structure.CSRC